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Cincinnati Bengals Reebok Multi-Color Polka Dots Fitted Cap/Hat - Size

Cincinnati Bengals Reebok Multi-Color Polka Dots Fitted Cap/Hat - Size

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Welcome to The Sports Guy 803!  You’re viewing, the Cincinnati Bengals Reebok Multi-Color Polka Dots Fitted Cap/Hat - Size: 7 1/4.  Condition is New.  Shipped with USPS First Class or Priority Mail, so that you can easily TRACK IT! 

Other hat details:

Made of 100% wool

Size: 7 1/4 (we know the pic shows a different size, but 7 1/4 is the size you would be purchasing and it's the ONLY one we have in stock!)

Raised-embroidery of Bengals team logo (in a multi-color scheme) on front of cap along w/multi-color polka dot accent the front of cap 

NFL Logo embroidered on back of cap

Reebok logo on left side of cap

We also have other Bengals items for sale as well as MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL & NHL TOO.

Important Product Details:

If a stock photo is posted, then please understand that in some rare instances the color or even the style/appearance of the item may be different than it appears in the photo. 

If you want 100% confirmation that the item you are interested is definitely as it appears then, please message us and we will be more than happy to send you a “closeup/realtime” photo of the item in question.  This brings us to our next point:


So please do keep this in mind, when considering making a purchase….we aren’t a big box store, we are a small business and we don’t sell USED ITEMS.  Once it is shipped out and it’s received then we assume it’s been worn.

However, if for some reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase please do inbox us and we will do what we can to come up with some sort of alternative solution as we do want each and every customer and person we do business with to be satisfied!

Thank you for shopping with The Sports Guy 803 


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